Why Goju

Not an uncommon question to hear from people who are searching for a system of martial arts instruction. There are several reasons why Goju is a good choice as a course of study. 

Of the traditional systems of karate available Goju was the first to be systematized into an academic structure designed to be taught. Goju training exercises, techniques and kata have been organized in a way that makes for an effective and progressive process of development. Even today many systems are simply taught out of the head of the instructor with little or no actual structure and organization.

Goju was the first karate system to be recognized by the Government of Japan and this was due in large part to the fact that it was systematized.  The founder of Goju was the first karate master instructor to open a training center designed to teach instructors. 

Shorin Goju continues this tradition of organization and academic structure. We have a clearly defined syllabus for training with the most highly developed program of instructor training available.  When searching for a school one should ask certain questions. Can I see a training syllabus or curriculum? Does the teacher have a certification as a teacher? What was required in order for the instructor to obtain his or her credentials? These questions should cheerfully be answered. If an instructor is unable to produce these things or answer these questions he or she may not truly be qualified to teach and the course of instruction may very well be disorganized and approached in a hit or miss fashion. 

At least by having these questions answered one can be assured that one has found a qualified instructor who teaches from an actual martial arts system and along consistent lines which can be replicated by other instructors. 

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