Shorin Goju Use of Technology 

As early as 1950, well before the founding of most of the modern karate styles seen today, Goju Ryu was making use of modern technology. In the early 1950s, films of training exercises and kata were being produced and made available for the use of students in their personal training and teaching. As Goju pioneered the use of these new technologies six decades ago we as Goju instructors continue to pioneer the use of the newest technologies in order to teach. This is a continuing tradition of Goju and while the technologies may be new the adopting of them is well established.

There was a time when young people who wanted to study the arts that would lead to the development of Goju often travelled to and lived in the Okinawan neighborhoods in China in order to access this knowledge. They were often many years away from home until they were skilled enough to return home and teach. Then after 1950 it was possible for people to learn about these arts at a great distance. Soldiers were able to study for one or two years while stationed in Okinawa and then return home after this relatively short period and start to introduce these arts to their home communities. Films of the techniques, training and kata became their technical library. It speaks to the quality of these original training tools that today they are still available and are still in wide use.

Technology in its current state allows for a wider ability to study and teach and as technology expands and communication improves students will have greater access to the highest quality instruction in the world. Shorin Goju teachers are instructed in the use of modern technology in order to enhance and expand our teaching ability. We also stand ready to embrace the technologies of the future exploring how they may be applied.

Video, email and live web-cam sessions can be used to replace the once required travel. It is possible for a student who has no local school, or only has local schools in which he or she has no interest, to now become a student of our system even though he or she is not near one of our instructors. Our teachers can instruct, observe, test, rank and certify students from far away. Our master instructors can watch a class in a school thousands of miles away, assessing and advising the instructors and students. 

Today it is possible for a small independent school where the instructor no longer has an organization or senior instructor to guide him or her to contact us and to start immediately receiving instruction and guidance benefiting the teaching staff and the students. It is possible that situations where a person has studied but is being denied full inclusion or ranking in a local school due to race, gender, sexuality or any other reason may be solved simply by our instructors and our policies being made available to that person. A person living in a town with no martial arts training available can now study with our instructors and still obtain recognition and ranking through the use of modern technologies.

Anyone either individually or as a school or even chain of schools can now directly access the world class instruction available through the Shorin Goju family. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in our system and can practice knowing that he or she is assessed only based on ability without regard to anything else and that acceptance and inclusion is total and open to all. Shorin Goju is now happily working with instructors of other styles and schools in order to make our information and approach available for use in many schools and systems.

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