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Hello and welcome to the Shorin Goju instructor training program. This program was designed for training Shorin Goju style instructors but it can also be of great help in training instructors of any style. After discussing the matter with John Kansler Sensei, Director of Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association (EUSAIMAA) I decided that because there is a wider use for this material and because so much of it can help martial arts instructors and those who wish to become instructors it should be offered here with easy access. I hope that many people find it useful; all that I ask is that you not sell it or remove the author attribution from it. No matter your style, school or affiliation feel free to make personal use of this material read it even print off a copy for personal use. 

I have trained instructors for a long time and I have looked through many programs professing to be instructors training programs and what I have seen is that many of them are business oriented and more about the money making side of things than actual martial arts. I find this problematic and distasteful because the programs are graduating good business people who can definitely turn a buck but who are often inferior in their understanding of martial arts and in their understanding of teaching as a skill. This is not to say that there are not some good quality training programs out there it is just that I find them to be exceptions rather than the norm. 

The Shorin Goju instructor training program is set up to assist people in becoming martial arts instructors and not business people so for business advice I would recommend that you look to more business oriented programs. This program is also set up to assist martial artists in using teaching as a tool for self development resulting in mastery of an art and of arts in general. 

Any Shorin Goju student may start working on this material and can simply ask his or her instructor for guidance or may contact me directly.  Any independent black belts who wish to use this program in order to improve their teaching abilities or to learn to teach may use it as it is here, but you may also contact me directly and I can help guide you through it the way that my students are guided. You need not be a Shorin Goju student and if you complete the program under my guidance I will issue you a certificate of completion of this program no matter your specific style. If you are an instructor or master instructor who would like to use this material in training your own students go ahead, just please don’t sell them the material that I have prepared, and feel free to contact me. For other programs which may find some of this material useful, contact me and I’m sure that we can arrange something. 

If you are an independent martial artists or a student of another style and would like to become certified as an instructor of martial arts I recommend the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association to guide, evaluate and certify you.  

Of you have specific questions or recommendations about material that could be included or even material to offer please contact me. This material represents years of teaching and preparation and I want it to be used.  If you have a suggestion for a specific area of study which you would like for me to address with an essay or article contact me with your suggestion. Perhaps I will write something covering your suggested area and add it to this program.

Peace and Blessings,

Robert L. Barton

Information about Eastern United States of America International Martial Arts Association may be found by contacting.

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