We invite all serious students of traditional Goju and those who wish to become students of traditional Goju to train with us.The martial arts world often seems a fractious environment with a great deal of political posturing. In Shorin Goju we wish to provide a place that simply fosters learning of traditional Goju karate. 

If you are an individual student of martial arts who wishes to study a traditional system of karate contact us, even if you are not anywhere near a traditional school. We will work with you to make sure that you learn.

If you are a long time student who has lost track of your Goju instructor and wish to reengage in your studies.  If you are a student of other systems who wishes to learn Goju. If you are a student of Goju who wishes to learn to teach Goju. If you teach other systems but would like to become a better instructor.

If you are an instructor of Goju who teaches just a small class or group of people in your home without a formal school and you wish for your students to receive testing and promotion and yourself to receive guidance and recognition. If you are an instructor of Goju who has a school and you need to continue your own learning. Even if you have lost touch with your past instructors or you have been on the losing end of a political battle or for any other reason you have been forced to become independent.

If you are an instructor of another system who wishes to learn Goju.

If you are any of these or if you just want to know more about our style contact:

Robert Barton at PO Box 388 East Bridgewater MA 02333

Or call (508)378-2870

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