School safety policies. 

1. Clear floor policy. Training equipment will be either in use or placed in the designated storage area and never left on the floor. Personal items will be placed in designated areas. Furniture will remain in designated areas and not be moved except for use during training. 

2. Respect policy. An atmosphere of respect will be maintained and all people will be welcomed and respected. We will remain verbally respectful of others, eschewing bigotry and prejudice. Swearing and name calling will be avoided except when it is appropriately used for realism in self defense training.

 3. Sparring and partner training will only be allowed between adults or under instructor supervision. 

4. Movement through all school areas will be at a walking pace with running only allowed when it is part of supervised training and according to instruction. 

5. Safety equipment will be used as instructed when sparring. 

6. In the event of an injury students will move away from the injured person and sit awaiting instruction, the senior most person present will take appropriate action to address the situation.

 7. A first aid kit will be present in every class and training situation. 

8. Junior students should follow the directions of senior students and instructors and senior students should follow the directions of the instructors with the exception of any instruction which makes the student feel unsafe or endangered or which violates personal principle or cultural or religious norms. 

9. Any unsafe practice or situation should be brought immediately to the attention of the senior most person present or the instructor even if it requires the interruption of class. 

10. In the event of bleeding vomiting by any student, other students are to move safely away and sit awaiting instruction until the student has been taken care of and the area has been cleaned and disinfected. 

11. If a student feels sick, weak, injured or begins to feel uncomfortable in any way the student should notify the senior most person present or the instructor immediately even if class must be interrupted. 

12. Instructors shall exercise their positions and responsibilities in accordance with our teaching philosophy. 

13. Training equipment will only be used in the manner for which it is designed.

14. We will treat our juniors as our younger siblings showing respect and guidance based on caring. 

15. We will treat ourselves with respect knowing that each of us deserves the best treatment and respect. We will value ourselves and others as people. 

Rather than outlining a list of things not to do, we instead outline what behaviors we expect in class and of our people. This focuses on the positive directions of growth that we wish to see from ourselves rather than focusing on negative characteristics. 

By signing below you acknowledge that you have been familiarized these policies and agree to follow then during training and with all Shorin Goju Karate functions and towards all of our Shorin Goju family. 

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Signature ______________________________________________________________ 

Guardian Signature ________________________________Date__________________ 

Instructor Signature _______________________________Date___________________

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