Instructors, schools and classes. 

It occasionally becomes necessary for instructors with classes or schools to seek out further instruction and certification. Shorin Goju accepts instructors who have trained in Goju or other systems and who wish to bring themselves and their students into the Goju system. Rank in previous systems and previous training is generally respected as are the ranks of the students within the school.

When an instructor wishes to transition to the Shorin Goju family the process is carefully facilitated to be as smooth as possible for the staff, the school and the students. A transition plan is formulated whereby the school is transitioned to the Shorin Goju curriculum and policies, the instructors are guided through accommodating Goju methods and techniques and students are smoothly transitioned into Shorin Goju while maintaining normal classes and training along with testing and ranking progress. There is no long waiting period and the multi-pronged approach starts immediately without a ‘ground up' re-learning period.

This approach is applied to any size school or class. It may be a school with hundreds of students or a backyard class with a single instructor and a handful of dedicated friends. In fact, many small independent home based instructors may find this to be an excellent option for providing their students and themselves with formal guidance including certification and recognition.

This may sound easy but keep in mind that our goal is to provide the finest instruction in traditional martial arts. To train new instructors to operate on the level of world class teachers is our job. We wish to see students able to safely receive the finest instruction available and we believe that the materials and training available through the Shorin Goju family represents that highest quality of training.

There is no great initial extra expense and only normal instructor and initial school certification fees will be involved. In this process once the school is accepted and the transition begins all students will become members of the Shorin Goju family and be certified at their current rank, without individual expense beyond materials and mailing costs. School certification, instructor appointments and certifications and all rank certifications issued will be shipped in one package.

Instructor staff will receive appointments to teach or assist and ranking certificates. Instructor certification is different and comes when the person completes the instructors training program. The appointment and authorization to teach covers small classes conducted at large. Assistant instructors are appointed as specialist instructors until they complete the credentialing program as instructors.

An established school location will receive the certification as a school approved for the teaching of Shorin Goju. A safety and procedures inspection certificate is issued after an evaluation and is reissued every year after a similar evaluation.

Certificates of rank will be issued to all enrolled students at that time and may be scheduled to coincide with a normal testing and promotion cycle. Some instructors have used this cycle to defray the small costs.

There will be no general membership fees included in this initial process. We want to get your school into the family as soon as possible and we don't want you having to come up with large fees or having to charge your students large fees to accomplish this. After your school is operating then the normal and reasonable incidental yearly fees will apply. 

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