The Individual 

If a student is near one of our instructors he or she can make an appointment to sit down and discuss starting lessons. However, many students are not near our instructors and want to know about the idea of getting started training through alternative methods based on technology.

The process is simple. First you contact Rob Barton through this website. Then arrangements are made to assess any and all previous training relative to the martial arts. We generally do not strip rank or require students who have studied elsewhere to start over.

After assessment a personal study plan is developed to start teaching Shorin Goju and to accommodate the transition of techniques, skills and kata to the Shorin Goju curriculum. All appropriate paperwork is issued and completed. An instructor is then linked to the student and work begins. Note that at this time generally an extension student who is transitioning from another style will have Rob Barton as his or her direct instructor through this transitory period after which he or she may transfer to another instructor assignment.

Teaching, testing and ranking may all be facilitated for extension students through technology. Students are welcome to travel and visit our instructors but there is no requirement that a student travel great distances in order to advance or train.

The easiest way to get started is to contact Rob Barton directly and work with him to meet your needs.

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