Instructor and class evaluation form. 

Fore use by instructors, students and guests. Please fill out and return to school or instructor. Or mail to: 

Robert Barton                                                                                                                                                                   PO Box 388                                                                                                                                                                    East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

Date_____________ Location____________________ Time_____________________ 

Name of instructor being evaluated__________________________________________ 

Nature of class: children___  Adult___ 

Level of class   Beginner___  Intermediate____ Advanced____  Black Belt____  Masters____                                                                              

Please give a grade score of A, B, C, D or F in each of the following areas. A = Excellent  B= Above average C= Average D= Below average F= Fail 

Clarity of class objectives  ____                                       Start on time                          ____

End on Time                          ____                                   Adherence to plan               ____

Class organization               ____                                     Instructor organization       ____

Appropriateness to needs  ____                                       Quality of training                ____

Quality of instruction          ____                                      Class Safety                          ____

Instructor technique            ____                                      Instructor form                     ____

Clarity of communication  ____                                        Maintaining order                ____

Positive Inst. Attitude         ____                                      Inst. Cleanliness                   ____

Inst. Courtesy                       ____                                    Student courtesy                 ____

School Cleanliness              ____                                       Equipment working              ____

Respect for students           ____                                      Respect for Inst.                   ____

General respect                     ____                                   Student interested                               ____

Inst awareness of safety     ____                                      Inst awareness of health     ____

Inst effect on students        ____                                      Inst ability to motivate        ____

Positive student attitude    ____                                       Variety of activities              ____

Grade Asst Inst.                  ____                                     Overall Inst. grade               ____

Overall student grade          ____                                      Overall school grade           ____

 Please grade any of the following areas covered: 

Kata                                        ____                                  Applications Bunkai           ____

Self Defense                          ____                                    Sparring                                 ____

Basic technique                    ____                                      Basic combinations             ____

Stretching                              ____                                   Meditation                            ____

Karate related games           ____                                       Philosophy                            ____

Other please describe          ____       _________________________________________________________ 

You are:  Student____        Visitor____   Style_______________________________ Rank_____________             

Inst. of Shorin Goju ____  Rank_____                                                                

 Would you recommend this school? ___________

How did you find this school?          ________________________________

 Please share your comments, thoughts, impressions and recommendations with us on the back of this form. You may do so anonymously or you may include your contact information.

 Thank you,

Robert Barton

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